Story Time

Vicki has lived and worked on the Island for most of her life and is proud to call the Isle of Wight her home. There was a brief moment, just after university, where life on the mainland tempted her but then she went and fell in love with an Islander who is more at home on the water than he is on land. With friends, family and the beautiful scenery and way of life we have here, it was not a difficult decision to build a forever home on this beautiful Island.

We make wonderful things on the Island from national companies like The Tomato Stall to small local producers and Vicki had the idea to bring everything together, in one easily accessible location, in the heart of Newport. And so the idea for The Little Nook was born.

Newport is a wonderful town on the Island, rich with history and the vibrancy of any central locality. “All Roads Lead To Newport”, it’s a long standing joke that you can’t get lost on the Island, keep moving and you’ll either hit the sea or Newport.

COVID-19 and the National Lockdowns saw many changes for a lot of us, one of these changes gave Vicki the push she needed to turn the idea of The Little Nook into something more than idea. With a lot of hard work, long nights, a couple of panicking moments and a phenomenal amount of coffee The Little Nook was finally able to open it’s doors in August 2020.

Celebrating the Island is at the heart of what we do, so if it’s just a small pot of jam or a full hamper full of hand-picked goodies you’re after, please come and visit us. You’re guaranteed a warm welcome and please don’t forget that well-behaved dogs are also very, very much welcome and fusses from the staff are free of charge.